Become a channel provider of Timberwolfcorp

Help small and medium-sized enterprises provide high-quality goods quickly and efficiently, serve tens of millions of Class B sellers around the world, and ultimately meet the needs of hundreds of millions of end consumers around the world.

Large Channel Provider (Regional)

Based on the primary and secondary market, through the professional sales ability of the Internet industry, Alibaba International Station commercial products are sold and followed up services. Through ecological links, high seas flipping, etc., large-scale international station customer signing and service can be quickly realized.

Independent sales team
Sales and operation experience of Internet commercial products
Familiar with Alibaba ecology related products
In line with Ali's values
Large channel provider (industry type)

Have strong operational ability and e-commerce service experience in a certain field (industry, platform or specific market), be able to introduce and serve merchants on a large scale based on their own resources, and combine with Alibaba International Station's businesses to explore diversified customer service models.

Have in-depth resources in the industry or specific field
The operational capacity of Internet commercial products
Relevant experience of online customer investment and operation